Clean beauty that works
Our formulas and ingredients are bio-degradable, ethically sourced, cruelty-free and vegan. Our aim is to produce only the best skincare and cosmetic products using high-quality + certified organic ingredients.

More Ingredients. More Results.


African Wild Grape, Inca Inchi, Narcissus Bulb Extract, Fermented Giant Bamboo, Edelweiss Stem Cells, Pomegranate Hydrospheres, Grape Polyphenols. Not your everyday botanicals. We’re always sourcing radical new revelations in botanical beauty.


Our high quality ingredients come from around the globe and each has been hand selected by Goddess (Nofisat) for its unique benefit to your skin.


Some companies focus on a single ingredient and surround it with fillers. But we exist because Goddess (Nofisat) knows that more matters.

The world has enough products that is called plant based but don't work and cost too much.

We started Deegoddesspalace to change this.

Deegoddesspalace make a difference in your skin through proven ingredients that are backed by science.

Affordable prices with no extra markups, to make sure as many people around the world can use Deegoddesspalace as possible.

Join us in our movement, to transform the skincare industry towards total transparency in effectiveness and fair pricing.


We Believe That More Matters.

We pack the most ingredients at the highest levels of concentration to deliver maximum results—without a single drop of artificial chemicals.

Our products are made for those who expect the best and want the most results from their skincare.

Our non-toxic products will never make you choose between health and results or between natural and high-performance. You shouldn’t have to compromise your ideals when it comes to beauty. That’s why every product we make is formulated without compromise. Period.

Look for the High Performing Ingredients icon on your box and on our site to see just how many bioactive botanicals are working to make your skin beautiful.



Why Should You Invest in Our Products?

We source more than 300 different ingredients from over 68 countries. The best organic ingredients come from all over the globe – and Goddess (Nofisat) leaves no stone unturned to find the best. We believe in quality over quantity – that means no mass-produced ingredients. When we need Prickly Pear Cactus, we know the best place to get that is the Galapagos Islands, because they love the sun (and they also help feed the iguana population there too). So, we go there. And if it’s not available due to a tropical storm, you may notice we are out of stock, because we make zero compromises on our sourcing. In fact, we spend up to 75% of our costs on raw ingredients for certain formulations—so you aren’t just paying for a pretty bottle, you’re paying for what’s inside.

Most brands will get clinical feedback on a raw ingredient and put the bare minimum in the formula to deliver just the bare amount of results possible because that’s the most cost-efficient way to make products. But we believe more matters. If science shows that a result requires a minimum of 0.1% you’ll likely see much more than that percentage (and anywhere from 2-4X what our competitors put in) to deliver what we find is the absolute best possible result to our clients.

Did we mention we believe that more matters? Nobody puts as many ingredients in one bottle like we do. You’ll see that illustrated most in our HPI number you see on your bottle—that stands for High Performance Ingredient and we have upwards of 40+ in any given product. The whole single ingredient approach is great if you want one benefit, but since when did you ever want just one of anything?


To pack so many ingredients at high levels of concentrations (with an all natural preservative system) is pretty much the hardest engineering equation you’ll ever encounter. Lucky for us, we have some of the smartest batch masters and chemists in the country to tackle them on a daily basis.

Active Ingredients, Active Results.

Science-backed, proven, and effective ingredients that you can find in our products.

Vitamin C

Helps maintain skin structure and clarity while fighting signs of early aging.


Stimulates collagen production, improves skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and enhances overall skin texture and firmness.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hydrates and plumps the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture, and promotes a youthful and radiant complexion.

Vitamin E

Antioxidant properties help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, promote healing, and maintain skin's moisture levels.

Shea Butter

Provides deep moisturization, soothes dry and irritated skin, improves skin elasticity, and nourishes with essential vitamins and fatty acids.


Embrace your beauty: where radiance meets empowerment
From the very inception of our journey, our vision has been to empower individuals with the confidence to embrace their unique beauty.
Today, I am humbled to witness how our carefully herbal crafted products have transformed countless lives, enhancing natural radiance and nurturing self-expression. Our commitment to using the finest, ethically-sourced ingredients ensures that you receive only the best for your skin. Together, we will continue to redefine beauty and empower each other to shine, both inside and out.

Our Values


Effective Ingredients

Safe, effective and luxurious. All of our products are easy to use and inspired by all the unique individuals that makeup this world. Our makeup is designed to elevate everyone's beauty.


Recycling Program

Worried about the excess of empty makeup and skincare bottles? We're recently launched a new recycling program that customers both near and far can take part in.


Dream Skin Bundles

All of our skincare products absorb quickly, hydrate deeply, and help skin cells function optimally. We've paired them up to help you achieve your skincare goals.

Our Mission

Deegoddesspalace brand is focused on love for the self and the planet. Our team of health, beauty and skincare experts set out together to challenge the beauty industry by creating better beauty products.

Vegan. Cruelty-free, Plant-based.